Artificial intelligence startup Peak AI secures $75M in Series C round

Peak Ai claimed the fresh finance will be used to expand worldwide, creating new offices in the U.S. and India and expanding R&D expenditure in Peak's Decision Intelligence software.

Peak AI

Main Highlights

United Kingdom-based company Peak Ai, headed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, received $75 million in Series C, involving previous investors like MMC Ventures, Oxx and Octopus Ventures. The entire amount raised by Peak to date amounts to $119 million. 

Peak supports firms in taking better decisions, regardless of their maturity and capacity to AI, using AI’s sales, marketing, demand management, and supply chains. The software platform of Peak enables organizations to incorporate AI into their decision-making and operations.

Decision Intelligence

This commercial application of AI is known as Decision Intelligence to optimize company performance; it allows organizations to increase their operational efficiency, generate sales and profit. By making AI more corporate accessible to Peak, its Decision Intelligence Platform has experienced significant demand for over 12 months, with more than double sales of new clients throughout Europe, the US, the Middle East, and India.

Peak is using its Decision Intelligence platform to track stock and develop customer experience by retailers, brands, manufacturers, and others as well as to other processes that can have a degree of automatics to work more efficiently. They also need the ability to measure various factors to make it smarter. Its present customer list consists of such items as Nike, Pepsico, KFC, Molson Coors, Marshalls, Asos, and Speedy, with sales more than doubling in the previous 12 months.

Their goal is to assist companies to accomplish amazing things and to enable them to use Decision Intelligence to draw value from their data. Decision Intelligence utilizes AI to release the power, by allowing people to make decisions about complicated information quicker, more consistently, and more correctly than ever before, of a business’s most valued asset.


They are on the side of companies; no muddled technology jargon, no advisory services, no installation expenses, no user permits. AI that is approachable and gives its clients genuine outcomes. Peak will discover where decision-making intelligence may offer value and develop an affordable and economically acceptable business case.

How will Peak use the funds?

The additional money is intended to stimulate an aggressive worldwide growth with new offices in the USA and India and expanding research and development investments in the software Peak’s decision intelligence.

As a result, in the following year, Peak plans to generate over 200 new positions worldwide. Commenting on the new development, Atul Sharma, co-founder of Peak’s CTO, said: “We will use the funds to improve our technological know-how in product development, growing our platform and strengthening teams across divisions to provide additional capabilities and functionality on an ongoing basis.”

They intend to increase over the next 6 months at their Jaipur and Pune clubhouses their product, technical, and data science skills. They will moreover focus on the development and training of their teams in a world-class clubhouse.

Richard Potter, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Peak, said they were pleased to collaborate with some of the world’s largest companies. Modern companies are complicated, working in a world that is always changing. They cannot be run without AI, so that they can make big choices constantly, quickly and correctly than ever before.

Peak’s opportunity goes a little bit like this: AI has become a cornerstone of many of the most advanced IT applications and business procedures of our time, but if you are an organization—and particularly one that is not technologically based—your access to and use of AI will come from other applications that are not necessarily tailor-made for you. Peak says that the users of his solutions had an average 5 percent increase in income, a twofold return on ads, a 5 percent reduction in supply chains, and a 12% drop in inventory holdings.

“A platform like Peak is not offered by another software business. In order to quickly develop and deploy AI solutions to business customers, we are simplifying data scientists and engineers using Peak. These apps enable corporate decision-makers to realize transformative benefits on a daily basis,” he noted. SoftBank as its new principal investor will be pleased to welcome you. This financing will enable many more enterprises in the next few years to obtain decision-making information. It will also stimulate its growth and worldwide aspirations for expansion.

At Peak, they have a common vision of the future company running on a central AI software platform that optimizes value chains. In order to do this, a new breed of platform is needed, and what Richard and the amazing team created at Peak is really impressing them. Max Ohrstrand, Senior Investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers noted that they are happy to help them on their road to becoming the worldwide category-defining leader in decision-making.

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