Walnut, a sales experience platform, raises $15M to improve product demonstrations

Walnut is the first 100 percent customizable and codeless platform that offers sales representative their own sales demonstration experience.

Main Highlights

With Series A investment, headed by Eight Roads Ventures, Walnut secured $15 million to further build its platform of sales experience.

The firm began in July 2020 with founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland. Vilner says he was establishing the area of technology marketing in Israel when he was working at a prior firm. He discovered that individuals in the sales department frequently had difficulties showing their products when the time came, the product breaks, or another department has to request anything to open up or add an option that didn’t happen instantly, said Vilner.

No-code platform

A no-code platform is Friedland’s solution to this challenge, allowing teams to quickly develop bespoke product demonstrations, integrate them in their sales and marketing processes and then produce insights from demonstrations.

“In our cloud system, which is separated from the back, we have allowed the sales and marketing teams to duplicate the SaaS offering,” Vilner said. They may develop a plot that fits their customers and demonstration, and salesmen can gain insight into what was good or poor following the demonstration. It promotes information exchange and the greatest tale for which type of firm.

The next round of the firm will be funded to $21 million and will follow a $6 million round of graphical ventures, which includes NFX, A Capital, Liquid2 Ventures and Vilner. Including Adobe, NetApp, Varonis, and People AI, Walnut has 60 business-on-business customers. The firm has locations in New York and London in addition to Tel Aviv.

In order to expand the team throughout America, Europe, and Israel and continue to expand its technology and platform, including instruments for incorporating demos into a website for product-driven growth, Vilner hopes to use this financing. He expects the squad of 25 to double in the following year as well.

Walnut foundersBenefits of using Walnut’s services

Walnut is the first 100 percent customizable and codeless platform in the world that allows every sales representative to own their own sales demonstration experience. B2B offers a coherent experience that enables them to better grasp how a product satisfies their needs. The Walnut Sales Experience Platform provides the sales teams with important insights into the pains of their prospects by tracking their journey and gathering interaction data. The platform provides insights into how they may resolve them.

Walnut is a first-of-its-kind platform that ensures a flawless and automated sales demonstration procedure. The solution from Walnut removes the need for backend employees and streamlines the process by putting the sales team in full charge. Sales teams may now concentrate upon the specific demands of their prospects by gathering insights and vital data, greatly increasing their prospects. Walnut is headquartered in New York City with the foundation in January 2020 of serial entrepreneurs Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland.

Eyal Rabinovich, Eight Roads Ventures‘ investor, claimed that his brother is the client of Walnut and that the company fits with one of the company’s theses in wide vertical SaaS and deep technological brands.

For a time Rabinovich tracked the sector for sales and claimed that many firms claim to provide something unique, but it often involves workflow and processes. In the instance of Walnut, something at the heart of the sales is resolved.

“Everything can be measured and conversion is the ‘holy grail,’ and even conversion of a little one percent may mean millions of dollars,” he continued. “We spoke to every firm that wanted the product to be used. Within two weeks, customers told us they finished the sales cycle.”

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