Pixlr App Review: A powerful photo editing app

Pixlr App Allows A free photo, collage and sticker editor.

What is Pixlr App?

123RF (part of Inmagine Group) is a stock content agency founded in 2005 which sells royalty-free images. In the past few years, 123RF expanded the portfolio to serve the growing market of the web-based content industry.  In addition to over 90 million images in its library, the company also has a large collection of vector graphics, icons, fonts, video, and audio files. The marketing is mainly carried out by about 350 employees from 40 offices around the world.

Pixlr is a totally free-to-use image editing tool on the web. There are no hidden charges and users can employ them even for commercial use. This makes it a cost-effective solution especially for freelance artists and small businesses. Pixlr can run on any browser on any operating system

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Features Of App

Why Choose Pixlr App?

Pixlr is a photo editor that makes it easy for anyone to make and share creative images. Pixlr users can quickly crop, rotate, and fine-tune pictures in a completely ad-free experience.” Pixlr is a cloud-based photo editor that offers a wide range of image tools and utilities for editing purposes. An easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to take photos and images more creative, Pixlr X is available on browsers as long as you have a solid Internet connection. … Resize, crop, or rotate and flip your photos with ease. Includes a handy “auto-fix” option to adjust light, color, and tone to make your photos look great.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

No, the app is not completely free on the App Store.

Yes, the app is secure as it doesn’t store any personal information and it asks for very few permissions.

The app needs basic permissions like Storage, Location, and Photos/Media/Files.

The application is compatible with android version 5.0 and above.

The app does have a dark mode.

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