Pop Queue App Review 2022 | Find Popular Places

Pop Queue app lets you find the most popular places within the city you desire to explore.

Overview of Pop Queue

Finding a Popular Location in a new city is extremely difficult. And more so if you are not that familiar with the place. So, to tackle this, Pop Queue lets you find the most popular places within the city you desire to explore. Pop Queue lets you search for a place that is suitable for you. 

The app lets you filter out mainly 2 types of places, first: a jam-packed place with lots of people, or second: a Quiet place with a minimum number of people for you to relax alone.

Pros of Pop Queue App

Cons of Pop Queue App

What is the Pop Queue App?

Pop Queue is a navigation app developed by Thomas Thompson exclusively for iOS. The app features a unique concept that helps people easily find new places around them or any part of the world. The app features an intelligent algorithm to find the most popular places in any given location.


Features of Pop Queue App:

Features of Pop Queue App when you Sign up:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently, the app is only available for iOS and iPadOS users.

Yes, the app is free to use.

There is just a single in-app purchase that is for the Ad-Free version of the app that is done in line with Apple’s App Stores Purchase Protection Regulation.

Which permissions are required to use the app? 

The app requires the following permissions: 

Why use the Pop Queue App?        

Pop queue lets users find a new place in town or an update on the crowd at that place. Many people may find it extremely useful and may use it on a daily basis. Tourists are the one group of people that may be benefitted from such an app.

Pop Queue App Download:



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