Quiver App Review

Quiver App Review

What is the Quiver App?

Children love drawing and coloring which are the simplest activities but also are highly beneficial. Coloring has become a trend providing a low-cost and fun way to relax your mind; thus children should obtain the benefits and much more.

Children can enhance their motor skills through coloring and also train their brains to improve focus. Many creative and game apps are providing fun and smart ways to comprise educational elements through coloring and drawing.

The Quiver app designed to furnish users with physical coloring along with the latest state-of-the-art augmented reality technology for having a magical experience.

Quiver App Features

Users can discover their artwork come to life using the Quiver app. There is an option for viewing the animation from various angles. The app consists of animated characters that users can use in order to play and interact with them by touching the screen.

The app also has educational pages in its platform which include a quiz used for testing the user’s knowledge. It allows users to capture the photos of their coloring creations and also comes with a zoom functionality added to its feature. The users can play and pause the animation game when they come to life.

The Quiver app consists of a wide variety of sound effects linked with each page for making users experience the animated characters in real. There are some free pages available in the app which can be acquired at the time of downloading the app or users can also get it from their website.

The users need to save and print the pages directly from the app to start their coloring process. The Quiver app enables users to showcase their inner artist and having interaction with the personalized creations; through its unmatchable expertise in augmented reality which is fun and enjoyable.

Why you should download the Quiver App?

It is the best platform for improving the coloring artwork of users. The app acts as a great tool to develop the skills and knowledge of the users on different topics readily available to them. The users can get a lot of coloring pages that involve Quiver characters like Murphy the Sheep, Ruby the Rabbit, and Penfold the Penguin. The educational pages contain topics like Earth, an Animal Cell, and Volcano.

The Quiver app also has amazing animal collections and animal packs to let the user choose their interests.  Users can use their favorite colors to the Quiver coloring pages.

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