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TradingView app offers highly customized watchlists, so that you can keep track of all your favorite stocks and currency pairs.

What is TradingView App?

Over 30 million users use Tradeview’s social network and supercharged super charts to make better, brighter trading decisions. Download our app to get free charts, alerts, and sophisticated watchlists and to chat with other traders about the current trends and much more.

Chart power insight is a rite of passage for traders. Make more informed market decisions. The charts on Tradeview are mobile-friendly and outperform many desktop trading platforms. You’ll be able to look for stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, futures, CFDs, and other financial instruments. You can also use various sketching tools (such as Gann Fans and Elliott Waves) and technical indicators to evaluate price action.

With our highly configurable watchlists, you can keep track of all your stocks and currency pairs. Use them to get real-time price updates and to be the first to know what’s going on in the markets, no matter where you are. Get real-time market data from exchanges across the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia. You have access to hundreds of thousands of financial symbols from more than 90 exchanges. Unless your interests are particular, you’ll be able to locate what you’re looking for.

Main Highlights

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Features of TradingView App

Why choose TradingView app?

Join the world’s largest social network for traders and investors to unleash your creativity on the global markets. Start growing your audience immediately, with hundreds of ideas and live streams released every day and near-unlimited flexibility to modify and share your analysis.

Because of its safe and dependable cloud-based infrastructure, you’ll always have access to the financial world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Never again will there be an unplanned outage during a crucial trading period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TradeView US stock data can appear to be incomplete or inconsistent with data from other sources at times. The most significant discrepancies can be found on smaller timeframes (e.g., 1 minute), on non-active or unpopular tickers, and during low-volume pre-/post-market sessions.

By default, charts show real-time stock data from the Cboe BZX exchange in the United States (formerly BATS). It’s an alternate exchange with a substantial trading volume, accounting for 10% or more of the US stock market. The business does not impose any per-user fees, so you can use it in real-time without paying anything.

If this distinction is critical to your analysis, you must purchase real-time data from official exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE Arca).

Extended Hours data can be viewed on intraday charts by selecting the Ext button in the bottom right corner of the Symbol tab in the chart settings. You can also adjust or remove the tint applied by default to the Extended Hours data on the chart.

Please keep in mind that Extended Hours data is not available on all exchanges. The Ext button will not appear in the bottom right corner of the chart if no Extended Hours data for the ticker is available.

The Extended Hours option in the Chart settings will remain active, but it will have no effect if Extended Hours data for that symbol is not available.

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