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Webtoon app is a digital comics platform that publishes epic sagas, short tales, manga, manhwa, and daily comics.

What is Webtoon App?

Webtoon app is home to a massive webcomic collection that allows you to read indefinitely across all genres, regardless of what you’re like. Webtoon Originals are updated daily so that when you log in, you will see new content. If you have a unique tale to tell, you can publish it on CANVAS, home to thousands of independent creators. With new episodes updated daily, there is always something new to read. Webtoon is home to a massive webcomic library, allowing you to read indefinitely across all genres. On average, 72+ million monthly active users and 16.5+ million daily readers devour more viewers than most Webtoon TV series.

Webtoon, founded in 2014, has thousands of producers and is updated daily with new episodes. Webtoon elevates the story to a new level and beyond. Numerous Eisner awards were presented to creators, and numerous Ringo awards were won. The Webtoon app is available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

See the weekly updates to the award-winning WebtoonTM ORIGINALS comics. Discover fresh CANVAS voices in which producers engage a lively and diverse audience through their series.

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Features of Webtoon App

About Webtoon App Subscription

Find new stories or share with Webtoon, the world’s largest webcomics community. Home to epic sagas, short stories, manga, manhwa, and daily bands of comics, there are hundreds of designer comics every day and everywhere in 23 categories, including romance, comedies, adventure, fantasy, and horror.

A wide range of international blockbusters, such as the Tower of God, Noblesse, the God of High School, the exciting Sweet Home thriller, and the global Roma phenomenon True Beauty, is now transformed into large TV and streams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Webtoon app is entirely free to download and use. Free access to exclusive Webtoon Original series and continuing series are updated monthly. With Fast Pass, you may purchase Coins and read the latest episodes ahead of the world. Fast Pass enables you to read the most recent attacks before their general release. Seek out episodes marked with the Fast Pass icon, which can be unlocked using Coins. If you prefer to wait, all Fast Pass episodes become available for free once a specified length of time has passed.

Daily Pass provides access to a limited number of our completed programs. Each day, one Daily Pass episode from each Daily Pass series can be unlocked. Each unlocked DP episode will be available for 14 days. Additionally, you can use Coins to unlock episodes, which will remain accessible as long as the series remains on WEBTOON.

If you signed up using an email address:

If you signed up using a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LINE), WEBTOON does not allow you to modify your social networking account’s password. Please reset or update your password on the appropriate social networking platform.

Sign-in with Apple is available on the PC, Mobile Web, and Apple devices running iOS 13 and higher.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can purchase Coins as a guest user. Remember that coins earned through an iOS guest login are not saved to a WEBTOON account and may be lost if you log out. Additionally, user assistance may be limited without a WEBTOON account.

The WEBTOON app enables you to download Originals, allowing you to read your favorite comics on the go without requiring an internet connection.

Simply follow these simple procedures to obtain episodes:

When reading downloaded episodes, no data is used. Due to copyright restrictions, each episode can only be downloaded once per account. Downloaded episodes are retained on your device for 30 days. You may manage your downloads from the ‘My Series’ menu’s ‘Downloads’ tab.

If you’re experiencing trouble downloading the app, check your network connection. We recommend downloading the app over a Wi-Fi network. Reinstall our app after canceling or uninstalling any previous downloads. You may be unable to download the app if your smartphone is out of space. Delete any unused programs, media, or cache to save room on your hard drive.

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