Zigwheels App Review: A great app to sell cars and bikes

Zigwheels app helps you buy cars and bikes

What is Zigwheels App?

Zigwheels app helps you buy, sell and compare cars and bikes. It gives you in-depth information, price alerts, and offers about new cars, used cars, new motorcycles, second-hand bikes, and scooters. You can compare any two cars or any two bikes to decide which car or bike to buy. The app’s auto-experts are always present to help you purchase new cars or bikes in India.

Zigwheels was developed and managed by a very talented team of Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd. This app is breaking records with millions of downloads by users. The app does not hinder any other applications running on your phone. It uses a secure, enterprise-grade environment. 

Main Highlights:

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Features of the App

Why Zigwheels App?

Zigwheels app helps you buy, sell and compare cars and bikes, be they new or used. It gives you in-depth information about everything you are looking for in your vehicle. It provides a simple clean interface and visuals and makes it easier for the users to work with. 

Reviews on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions About the App

No, the app is not completely free on the App Store.

Yes, the app is secure as it doesn’t store any personal information and it asks for very few permissions.

The app needs basic permissions like Storage, Location, and Photos/Media/Files.

The application is compatible with android version 5.0 and above.

The app does have a dark mode.

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