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App Development Company DevTechnosys: Interview with Yugandhar Sharma

App Development Company DevTechnosys: Interview with Yugandhar Sharma

They are all decked up for a occasion. For this super enthusiastic app development team every day at the office is nothing less than an occasion. They have been in the app business for over half a decade now and have vowed to make a dent in the app development space. Yugandhar shared some interesting facts about his company. Let’s read on..

We reached out to Yugandhar Sharma, who is the CMO of  DevTechnosys for a short interview to understand what makes them leading app developers from India.

Tell us something about your company.

DevTechnosys Pvt.Ltd. started back in 2010, is a perfect fusion of talent, endeavoring over 950+ successful Mobile and Web application development projects. Since our outset we have dwelled on the notion of “Bringing IT to Life” and cultivated a successful history of digital solutions for SMB’s and enterprise level companies with utility-based software; designed for wide range of technologies.

At DevTechnosys we are abreast with the latest technology and deliver the finished product next to the client’s imagination. With thrive for customer satisfaction, we take pride in introducing you to our some of the many (450+) satisfied customers.

What are your company’s specializations?  

We expertise at developing customized iOS and Android Mobile Application, our vast pool of 80+ employees is a perfect amalgamation of talent and expertise in BA ’s, UI/ UX designing, web developing, App developing (Native or Hybrid) and also we have QA’s and SEO professionals. Within the short span of 8 years, we have been consistently addressing to the digital needs of our client catering to the new technology, engineering globally functional personalized software, marketing their brand on the global face with a sole aim of boosting their growth and earning potential.

Who are some of your major customers?

Some of our clients are AfricaWide, DimaDimaRaja, SideJobSter, Comfortaire Cooperation, ViralStyle, BMMI Group, Arbor.

Top 5 apps that you have developed?

DimaDimaRaja | Metknow | Trucksi | BeThereBeauty | MyWindFit 

What is your average cost of mobile app development?

As it completely depends on client business requirements but to give you an idea we accept App development project above USD 5000 and average cost if USD 13000.

Provide a list of your 5 domain specializations.

We do have expertise with various domain and few of them are listed below:

  1. On-Demand Service Marketplaces
  2. Fleet Management system
  3. E-commerce Platform
  4. DIY/Product Customization/Design System
  5. Video Streaming Platform

What cross-platform technologies and tools do you use?

We do work with React Native, Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap.

Do you develop mobile apps with native or hybrid?

We do work with both Native as well Hybrid.

What is the app development process that you follow?

Our Process: We do follow 9 steps app development process, that is as followed:

In-depth Consultation: We begin by engaging our clients in direct conversion, either in-person or over the phone. During this process, we make careful notes of your objectives, including the type of product or service you want, when you want it by, and what you hope to accomplish. Our expert consultants will lay out everything you need to know in fine detail, from how we plan to proceed with the project, the technologies involved, a timeline and benchmarks, and cost estimates.

Planning & Analysis: Before we start the physical process of delivering a product or service, Dev Technosys creates the intellectual framework. Here, our project managers work closely with our development and design teams, drafting documentation, gathering data and analyzing it, before drawing up a final strategy that we use to guide our project. This part of the process eliminates surprises and errors, keeps costs down, and mitigates delays.

Preliminary Production: Next we move onto the creation process. Based on your input, our design team generates wireframes, visualizations, and prototypes that give you a better sense of the end-user experience. We make changes according to your suggestions, and by the conclusion of this stage, our clients have a deep understanding of what their software will look like and how it will perform. Once we receive your approval, Dev Technosys moves onto the next leg of the process.

Visualization: We work out the visual concept, style, colors, and additional visual elements – all according to your requirements. You are provided with several variants of visual representation of one or several screens. The approved one is the basis for the remaining screens. We create mockups and the team is ready to implement your product. You also receive a more precise estimate for development and testing, iteration by iteration, and approve the start.

Iterative Development: Here, the project is divided into discrete segments as the software code is tested and revised accordingly. With each new iteration, features can be added based on your feedback and tested until they’re fully functional. Throughout this process, we make sure to continually update our clients on the project status and inform them of all the milestones we’ve passed.

Optimization & Polishing: Your users will love your product if it’s responsive, smooth and fast. That’s the way we create it for you. We optimize the product all along the way and boost its performance. We polish the product to ensure a user experience that’s both meaningful and delightful.

Testing & Quality Control: After optimization is complete and all the features finalized, we begin stringently testing the software one last time. Any bugs or performance-hitches are eliminated until the product is running smoothly. Based on feedback from our Quality Control managers, our designers and engineers make any final adjustments to the software. By the end of QA, the product is customer-ready.

Product Launch: After a final consultation and strategy meeting with our clients, we’re ready to distribute your software. By this point, DevTechnosys has done its research and thoroughly understands your target consumer, and we work hard to ensure that your product gets to its intended users and achieves maximum market penetration.

Post-Launch & Maintenance Services: Just because we’ve designed and deployed your product doesn’t mean our job is over. Dev Technosys is there to help with updates, queries, and general consultation. Our professional support staff will assist in any way they can.

What is the new technology you are working on?

We are working on BlockChain, ReactNative, IOT and Artificial Intelligence.

Do you work on technologies like IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, we recently started to work on Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. For IOT, we already have developed few solutions that are running in the market with good response.

Are you looking for customers in a particular industry or domain? Please mention just one industry.

No, We are not bound to any industry. We already working with most of the industry and moving rapidly to new sectors like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

It’s very hard to say as we don’t know about tomorrow but we are giving our best, adopting new technologies, working with market top leaders, having good client retention rate and a healthy environment. We believe in client satisfaction, if the client is happy then we are in business and we would like to maintain the same thing in next 5 years and be the Best Mobile App development company in every aspect.


App Development Company DevTechnosys: Interview with Yugandhar Sharma was conducted over an email communicationAll the information provided is approved by app development company DevTechnosys’s officials before publishing. If you need further information then you can reach out to them directly on their official website. For more such interviews and interesting news check our app developers section.

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