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Guide to Push Notifications: Includes Resources, Articles & Tools

Comprehensive Guide to Push Notifications

Guide to Push Notifications: Includes Resources, Articles, Tools, and Case Studies

This guide to push notifications is a result of requests that we have received on our social media channels and readers emailing us to create a comprehensive list of resources, articles, and tools to help them create an effective strategy for push notifications. Push notifications can be a cornerstone of effective implementation of your mobile app marketing strategy. You can build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with your app users through push notifications. So, let’s get started.

Key Take-Aways from this Guide to Push Notifications

  • Know what Push notification is and how you can use it in your mobile apps.
  • Must read articles about Push notifications.
  • Tools that you can use for implementing push notification.
  • Links to some interesting case studies on popular apps.



Articles & Analysis



Here is a list of most popular and widely used push notification tools.

Localytics is a lifecycle analytics & engagement platform for web and mobile apps. It automates and optimizes every stage of the app lifecycle.

Urban Airship
Urban Airship helps brands engage their mobile users and build high-value relationships from the moment customers download an app.

Push Woosh
Push Woosh is a free unlimited cross-platform for push notifications. Supporting major mobile platforms with easy integration.

Kahuna provides intelligent mobile marketing software that enables marketers to delight customers and drives mobile engagement.

StreetHawk is a mobile engagement platform. From simple push notifications to comprehensive user lifecycle management and user insights.

OneSignal provides Push Notification delivery and automation. SDKs for iOS, Android, Amazon, Phone, Unity 3D, Phonegap and more.

Case Studies


Thank You Note

You can connect and say thanks to these lovely people who have written some of the articles quoted in this guide to push notifications.

Stefan Bhagwandin LeanpalmLogan Merrick Co Founder Buzzinga Apps AustraliaDiana Smith SegmentJustina perro localyticsk c karnes clevertaperic arline leanplum

Are we missing any tools, resources, or article in this guide to push notifications? If, yes then please leave a message in the comments and we will include it in this guide. Thanks for your help in advance.

Disclaimer: The content, image and any other material mentioned in this article are the property of respective owners of those brands, people, and companies. 

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