Slintel Generates $4.2 Million In Seed Round


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Looking at the situation in the pandemic, companies are looking for an edge when it comes to sales. Accessing the right data about the customers is way too important. This can be a huge kick start right now. Slintel is an early-stage startup. It builds sales intelligence tools. 

The company announced a $4.2 million seed round on 6th November. The round was led by Accel and Sequoia Capital India. It also included Stellaris Ventures partners, an existing partner. This brings the gross capital of $5.7M under the company including a pre-seed round last year. 

The sales and the marketing targets a broad market. Most of the time emails and other forms of communications fall flat, as per the CEO Deepak Anchala.

This was a problem Anchala experienced firsthand with Eightfold and Tracxn  According to him, with data this can be improved. 

This initiated him to start Slintel, to build a tool to provide the sales data. This was missing in these previous positions. “We focus on helping our customers solve that by identifying people with high buying intent. So we are able to tell sales and marketing teams.

 For example, who is most likely to buy your product or your service. And who is more likely to buy your product today”, Anchala explained. The company does this by looking at signals. It let the teams know key information about these companies. 

Words of the CEO

“In today’s world there is an enormous amount of footprint left online when a company uses a product. So our algorithms map that at scale for about 15M companies. This is for all the products they’re using from the different sources. We track it all from week to week”. 

The company consists of 45 employees at present. It expects to double this number by the end of 2021. Anchala wants to build a diverse and inclusive organization. “I think one of the key successes for companies today is having diversity. We have a global workforce. 

We have a workforce in the U.S. and India and we want to capitalize on that. In the next phase, we are looking at hiring more female employees, and people from different nationalities”, he said. 

Slintel was founded in 2018 and emerged from stealth last year. It has 100 enterprise customers and has seen many of the customers joining this year. Surely pandemic worked in a positive way for them.

COVID has compelled companies to search for ways to be more efficient with their sales processes. 

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